Questions on Remote Presence robot Protocol


During this Covid time, I am trying to make a telepresence robot for a few people close to me. Can I please get some info on what kind of protocols are available for the robot control over internet. I have tried googling around and what I found are

  1. Most of the tutorials are local network only, that is the controller and the robot are connected to the same network. I need to control the robot from literally halfway around the world
  2. MQTT, but my understanding is that it is clunky and laggy because it is more of a on/off style control instead of a continuous control
  3. Opening both controller and recipient router manually. Seems very complicated for the average user as well as possible security risks by misconfiguration
  4. Some other proprietary commercial grade protocols which are expensive, though my calculation of data usage might be wrong thus resulting in expensive estimate. I don’t mind paying if that what it takes but free is always good!

Thanks for reading, please CMIIW and hopefully someone can help!

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