senior robotics software professionals: what is our industry’s version of system design interviews?

In the general SDE world, senior and principal level developers are expected to be well versed in system design. Such that in most interviews at that level, that is likely one aspect that is tested. For instance you’d be asked to implement a simplistic design of Netflix and explain your reasoning, etc.

At least as it appears to me, the mark of an experience developer can be partially exhibited by how they design a system. In my experience that’s also the case in robotics, which has a lot less templates and howtos available to follow.

Obviously algorithms and data structures would be both identically important in either interviews. Perhaps some specific robotics algorithms may be test depending on your background.

For those with experience interviewing with competitive senior positions or have been the interviewer. How is a senior robotics software engineer interviewed? is there a standard?

Beyond prepping for interviews, I’m looking to understand what I need to know to reach that level. Unfortunately there is not so much resources out there, unlike for normal SDE’s.

note this is not for domain specific roles like ML, perception, controls software engineers. Although I have some breadth of knowledge in all those domains, I’d categorize myself as a generalist robotics software engineer(can’t compete with PHds in these specialties and my experience is more broad than focused). But I’d be interested to know the mark of a senior developer in those roles as well.

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