Advice for a novice

Hey there! I am Mechanical Engineering graduate who has started working in the field of Software Engineering. I understand that posts like this must be commonplace here, and I have gone through the same and the FAQs of this sub. However, I was hoping that someone who might have had a similar profile, or in general, could advice me how to start as a beginner. I completed a couple of projects in my undergrad that were loosely related to robotics , and consequently I developed an interest in said field. The first projects dealt with analysis of characteristics (force, velocity, efficiency etc) of a nano swimmer using MATLAB, and the the second one dealt with designing a simulation using MATLAB of a human arm on OpenSim API. Recently my indulgence in computer programming tapered my interest in robotics but now that my job has started I’d really like to rekindle the interest and hopefully develop a career in it in the near future.


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