Need advice on where to start robotics. I have a background in Computer vision and ML.

Hey guys, I’m currently a data scientist at a startup doing computer vision work and I’ve work experience in academia for 6 months doing CV as well.

I’ve taken robotic class while i was in undergrad but didn’t do well and almost failed the module :(. I didn’t really like robotics back then maybe because i hate the professor lmfao. But i decided to pick up robotics again and figured it’ll be cool to use my CV knowledge onto a robot. I’m currently taking self driving car nanodegree and AI for robotics by udacity though all of the contents thought so far are basics. Sooner or later I’ll be tasked with a drone project in my work and wanted to brush up my robotics. Do you guys have any suggestions how do I go about learning robotics again without taking graduate course?

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