Working in Robotics, how hard is it to get into the field? Germany

I have been working in Data Analytics for the past year, but I don’t enjoy it and want to switch to robotics.

I would like to ask how hard it is to find an “interesting” job in the field.

What do I mean by interesting?

I mean about stuff such as AI, Computer Vision, Path Planing, SLAM, etc. Not PLC or those focused on the communication aspect (CAN, etc).

I am searching for jobs in germany (still havent applied yet) and most of them are of these other areas. Few are about the interesting part. And many of the interesting ones are internships for students. Which makes me wonder about how easy it would be to find an “interesting” job for the lomg term.

I feel like I need to do R&D, which is perfectly fine, but there arent enough positions and many want to do that.

I knew a Taiwanese girl who did a masters in robotics in germany and had a hard time finding a job in Germany. She came back to Taiwan and easily found an interesting job about a surveillance robot.

I feel like asia is much more innovative in this area.

Btw, background about me. I studied electrical and computer engineering. Did a masters in control, Systems and Autonomation in Portugal. Where I did some projects in the area of robotics and computer vision. Additionally I have done 2 summer interships related to computer vision.

I would really love to enter this field, but would like to hear about it from people who work in this field. How hard it is, and where can you find it?

I am thinking about trying for 6 months and if I don’t find a job, then start a masters in Robotics and try really hard to be a great student and do internships, in order to secure a position in the area.

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