Getting better in Robotics to find a job as a Robotic Software Engineer

Hello guys. I’m electronic engineer and now I finish my master in Robotics. My background: I’m learning python since last September, I understand the basics and I can do some things. I also learning ROS I have a project on going with an Arduino-ROS car, Arduino is responsible for low level control of the motors and the high level done from ROS Python nodes. I manage to move it and get data from sensors. I start learning from last week c++, it’s a bit difficult but it helps that I have a very little experience in VHDL. My plan: Is to be as better as I can in c++. After that to start learning mathematics for Robotics( Linear algebra, calculus etc). After that I want to practice to learn problem solving because I m not so good at it. My goal is to find a job in the next 3 years. What do you think about my plan order? Anything to add? Any other advice? Do I have a chance? Sometimes I m sure that I ll make it but when I get stuck in something I feel so demotivated!

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