Pose estimation vs trajectory tracking / prediction, what is the difference?

I am not sure if this is the right place to post. I am looking for graduate advisers and I am interested in doing my thesis on a trajectory prediction problem. This idea first stemmed from my work in the self driving car / robotics domain. I have two professors at one uni that I am mainly interested in, and I can’t tell if my work applies to their domain. One does research in robotics, ML, DL, and RL and studies both robot learning and computer vision/pose estimation. The other studies ML/AI, and is most interested in generating object representations and building world models.

I want to ask the first professor is my idea aligns with his, but it seems like pose estimation isn’t exactly related to trajectory prediction. Tracking object trajectory seems to be a self driving focus but not a huge focus in robotics, unless it is part of pose estimation. Can anyone clarify?

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