Help a noob understand the differences in IMUs

I’m trying to select an IMU for a body-mount project. I dont need it for any kind of strapdown navigation, just for angles, heading, and step detection. So far I’ve seen two IMUs that are within my budget that sound like winners:

The $150 xsens mti-1

The $6 ASM330LHC

These two units seem to have similar inertial sensors, but the ASM330LHC is much cheaper, and even seems to have better specs! I understand that the ASM330LHC doesn’t have a magnetometer, so I would have to find a decent one to partner with it. I’m sure I could find a really really nice mag that would still fit in that $144 price gap though.

So my question(s): is there any reason for this price difference? Am I missing something on the spec sheet? Is there some critical sensor characteristic that makes the MTi-1 better?


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