How to use open ended timing belt or chain?

I’d like to move a weight of less than 0.5lb200g vertically along a 3ft1m shaft, and got a few questions about using belts or chains to translate rotational motion of 12V motor to linear motion.

My previous attempts at moving the carriage include spinning it along a threaded rod, which was attached directly to the motor shaft. This was too slow, too loud, and I didn’t need this much torque.

Instead, I would like to use an open ended belt design, where the carriage attaches to the two ends of an open ended belt like here or here. There are sensors at either end of the shaft which stop the carriage from running into the pulleys, and the carriage is attached to a guide rod with a linear bearing.

Is 6ft too long for a thin (1cm wide) belt? What’s the longest a belt can be to maintain tension?

If this is too long for a belt, I can use a chain; how do you call the coupling between a chain link and a solid object?

There are so many kinds of belts profiles and I’m not sure which one to pick. Can you recommend me a profile that will be reliable and thin enough so that I can keep the pulleys small?

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