Im Trying to decide Cyber/robotics/ web, mobile development?

Hey guys, I wanted to get some advice on what you guys would suggest I consider as a career to choose. A little about myself, l when I was about 8 I built a mindstorms robot in about 2 hours and that was what got me interested in technology. Now at 20 years old, I’ve built 3 small simple apps, done 2 IT Helpdesk internships and I am currently a tech. I am studying Computer information systems at my community college and I am trying to see what I am most interested in but they all get boring. Having ADHD I can get bored really quick so I always am looking for new things to learn. My main question is based on experience and interest in cybersecurity, web/mobile development, robotics, what should be my main focus first to get a job in. I need to actually focus on one thing first.

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