Demystifying China’s robotics industry, Motional talks robotaxis, TRI previews kitchen robot

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This week we’re joined by Georg Stieler, managing director, Asia, at Stieler Technology and Marketing Consultants. Georg gives us the inside scoop about China’s robotics industry, diving into some common misconceptions about China as a robotics producer. Georg discusses how China is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, why mobile robots for e-commerce have reached a saturation point in China, navigating on-going trade tensions between the US and China and much more.

We also talk to Laura Major, the chief technology officer at Motional, the autonomous driving joint venture between Hyundai and Aptiv. Despite other autonomous vehicle companies putting more emphasis on autonomous trucking and logistics applications, Motional remains completely committed to robotaxis.

We talk to Laura about the challenges of developing robotaxis, how Motional’s robotaxi service in Las Vegas, which has given more than 100,000 rides to paying consumers on the Vegas Strip, is going, and when Motional’s service will be commercially available to fleet operators.

We also preview this week’s RoboBusiness Direct discussions that air October 8 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. We will hear from Gatik co-founder and chief engineer Apeksha Kumavat. Gatik is using autonomous vehicles to help solve middle-mile logistics. In this talk, Apeksha will discuss Gatik’s approach to constraining the Operational Design Domain has brought middle mile autonomous delivery to market quickly and effectively by reducing the biggest threat to the autonomous revolution – edge cases.

Eugene and I also discuss the latest headlines, including robotics investments and acquisitions from September, a new ceiling-mounted gantry robot from Toyota Research Institute, and the commercialization of Miso Robotics’ Flippy Robot on a Rail system for restaurants.

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:38-:5:45: Show Intro
5:46-29:47 Conversation with Georg Stieler
29:48-31:38: Fictiv’s Manufacturing Tip of the Week
31:38-36:54: September investments recap
36:55-42:36: TRI’s ceiling-mounted gantry robot
42:37-47:04: Miso Robotics commercializes Flippy kitchen robot
47:05-47:55 RoboBusiness Direct Preview
47:56- 1:17:30: Conversation with Laura Major, CTO, Motional
1:17:311:18:05-Show Outro

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