Using a robot and satellite image to travel around a parking lot


I have a project and I am trying to make a 4 wheel robot travel around a small parking lot (at night so it doesn’t get run over). The problem that I am having is that parking lots do not have white lines to follow so my robot does not know where to go and I have to minimize the amount of times the robot travels while still covering the entire parking lot.

I was thinking of installing a GPS to track its location and make it start traveling on the outer edge of the parking lot and each time turn a little bit towards the center of the parking lot, however, I cannot find a GPS that is precise enough. I will attach a camera and use data from Udacity to train the robot to drive itself but given that there are no white lines to follows, Udacity’s data will only take me so far. Any ideas?


P.S. The closest product I could find to what I am trying to built is the Shark IQ self-empty robot since it travels in straight lines

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