I play with Robots but learn Math and Science the fun way | Saipranav Gandhi | TEDx talk


Fear of Math & Science can often make STEM learning a miserable experience for many children and their parents too. Saipranav Gandhi, who is hardly 10 years old dispels quite a few myths as he demonstrates how learning Math & Science has become fun for him thanks to Robotics, his favorite play time activity.

Saipranav Gandhi is a child prodigy in an unusual field- LEGO robotics. By just ten years of age, this class IV student, has conducted multiple workshops on LEGO robotics and made multiple presentations to kids on the topic ‘learning from toys’, the first one at the age of six. Saipranav has participated in LEGO robotics competitions since 2018 and led his team to win the ‘most inspirational team award’ at the First Lego League in 2019. His team was ranked one of the top national teams at the World Robot Olympiad in 2019. Saipranav & team also won the Regional level and National Level championship at the MakeX robotics competition and the top prize at the Make in Goa competition in 2020.

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