I suck at programming.

I’m into machinery, and robotics are really cool, and I’ve been thinking about getting an andino and some motors and building some dumb little projects, but I suck at programming, I’ve been trying to learn python for years and failed everytime, even signed up for a computational thinking class at my college, and had to drop it cause it was fucking hard.

I’m a few classes away from an industrial maintenance technology degree. And I’ve taken robotics courses before and passed they were FANUC industrial bots, but I’m a dumby.

I want to get into this stuff though, I have a few kinda cool ideas just to toy around with, one thing about learning to code was I never had an idea of what I wanted to do, so it seemed pointless.

The idea of writing shit loads of code to make a robot control servo motors scares the shit out of me.

Any idea where to start? I wanna get into this stuff asap.

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