Tips for Programming a Line Follower

Tips for Programming a Line Follower

Hey all!

I’m joining an online line follower competition which you need to program your robot to follow the line and finish the track in the quickest and most accurate way. Has anyone in the community ever participated in a follow the line challenge and if so do you have any advices for an early stage programmer participating in his first competition? Currently I’m considering to use PID Control algorithm, do you have any tutorial recommendations or any better algorithm to use?

About the robot in the competition:

  • Sensor input is a line scan camera (32 pixels)
  • There’s a differential drive controller already implemented to control the robot
  • I can use robot.move(m/s) and robot.rotate(rad/s) commands to move the robot
  • Here’s more details about the robot

Here’s the competition track just to give you an idea:

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