Hexapod vs Quadruped

Hey folks,

I was wondering what the advantages or disadvantages between quadruped and hexapods are.

I find more research about quadruped systems compared to hexapods, but to me hexapods seem to be more stable for changing terrain. I guess quadrupeds have the advantage that it is easier to use longer legs compared to hexapods and you need fewer motors. I am just a software engineer whith basic knowledge in mechanics, maybe someone can point me to some ressources or papers in regard to different mobile robots.

The thing is, I like to build a mobile robot and there are already nice patterns for hexapods out there. Bots with wheels like to TurtleBot dont seem to be a good choice for urban terrain. Being able to take stairs is something it should be able to do and walking somewhat robust and steadily. I have never done this before, therefore any input is appreciated.

Thank you!

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