The Second IEEE Soft Robotics Debate ” Architectured Compliance VS New Materials” Audio Available

We always wanted to bring these ideas and arguments to the forefront of the Soft Robotics community, and highlight many perspectives. That’s why we started the soft robotics debate with the help of IEEE RAS and Soft Robotics TC.

In this audio, you are listening to the second debate “Bridging the Gap Between Soft Robots and Soft Materials: Discovering New Material Functionalities vs. Creating Architected Compliance There a gap still exists between cutting edge materials and implemented soft robots. In this debate, we will bring together experts in the fields of soft materials and soft robotics to discuss the necessary steps to bring more collaboration between these two fields. In this debate, panelists were trying to answer whether material development should focus on developing new functionalities for soft robots or on creating optimized materials to meet existing needs, allowing for easier rapid prototyping and technology transferability.”

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