Any resources on PIDs and Kinematic?

Ive started a robotics course and im struggling with PIDs and Kinematics but specifically PIDs.

I have no background in calculus and on the first week my lecturer has been focused on LODE, Laplace and Polynomial equations on Transfer functions. I have no idea what any of these terms mean, Ive played the lecture over countless times and each time it makes less sense.

Ive done my own research and found the individual controllers of PIDs and their impact on a system which make sense to me.

Though the module seems to have nothing to do with it. Some of the ‘simple’ example questions my lecturer has given us makes us look at if an equation is ‘stable’?

Ill give an example:

Find the zeros and poles of the following systems and determine if they are stable or not.

G(s) = s+2 / (s + 1)(s – 3)(s + 4)

G(s) = 1 / s2 + s + 1

G(s) = s+1 / s2 -s + 1

Is this in relation for the output to be less than the input?

Anyways, if there is anything that you know of that can help me understand any of this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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