Good Laptops for robotics


i need a new laptop and have a hard time choosing something good. I am working as an undergraduate student in a robotics related environment (programming robots, developing algorithms etc.) and am interested in machine learning and neural nets (i’d like to try out a GAN). I heard a GPU with 8Gb is useful for this. Also as a Programmer a 16 Gb RAM CPU is the minimum. Since I want to use Windows (for numerical simulations, CFD, CAD) and Ubuntu (for programming) on the same Laptop 512 Gb Storage is minimum. Preferably 1 TB so i can use Dualboot with enough space on both systems, although i’d be fine with the use of an external drive if necessary

Mobility is a big (!) aspect for me, so a 5h (or even longer) battery life would be great.

My budget goes from 1000 to (a painful) 3000 bucks if necessary. I’d prefer staying on the low end as long as I can get what I need.

Do you guys have any recomendations?

All in all it’s supposed to be an investment in the future and my productivity. I will not use the laptop for gaming so it does not need to be a gaming laptop. Those have good GPU’s but generally also tend to have a very short battery life.

P.S. I keep seeing the Mac being recommended for machine learning. i thought that most (all?) common ML-Libraries like Tensorflow do not support the GPU’s of Mac’s (only NVIDIA is supported afaik). It’s confusing to me that they would still be recommended as good laptops for ML. I heard that Macbooks display more lines of code on the same screen size….. (good for programming in general) no clue if that is true.

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