What kind of batteries are used in electric qaudruped robots (like spot)?

I’ve been trying to learn all the aspects that go I to making a quadruped like spot. I’ve watched the opendog and opendog v2 videos by james bruton, take a look at Standford doggo and MIT minicheetah.

I’m wondering what kind of batteries these bots use, I know they must vary with the size but I’m particularly interested in the power electronics and batteries involved in the larger dogs. I would love to design and build my own large-ish quadruped but I’m a little scared by how much power it might need. The motors James Bruton used for openDog V2 seemed to be pulling 20 amps and he said they could do even more.

How could you possibly power that off batteries for any significant amount of time? What does boston dynamics use and how long does a charge last on Spot?

I’ve designed PCBs before but mostly low voltage stuff with FPGAs. Highest power I’ve worked with is 1Amp 12V. I am assuming most of the power stuff will be handled for me if i buy something like Odrive

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