career change from game dev to robotics engineer


I’m a game developer works professionally for the last 5 years and I want to switch to robotics.

I finished a bachelors in computer science and I’ve been doing programming and game dev as a hobby since I was a kid, but I just don’t like my job any more. Since I was a kid I wanted to build robots but that was not a possibility so I thought myself programming.

I’ve been playing around with arduino and rpi and I’ve built a few small things, this being the most advanced:

So what’s the next step?

  • any online course recommendations?

  • STM32?

  • focus on ROS?

  • I found this site, but not sure where to start

I’m just not sure how to progress further. I’m having fun building stuff, but I’m not sure what to do next. My goal is to get good enough so I can get a job in the industry.

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