Does anyone know of a robotic kit that has similar functionality to what the Moorebot Scout is advertised as having?

Hi all,

I am an adult that is looking to take a dive into robotics. I am hoping to find a robot kit that will get me started on the right path with the potential for added functionality if/when I become more knowledgeable.

I have been reading about the Moorebot Scout which seems to check a lot of the boxes for what I’m hoping to find.

Specifically the features that interest me are:

  • Mobility

  • Camera

  • Voice Control (via Amazon Alexa)

  • Video Streaming

  • AI capable of recognizing people/pets

  • Automatic return to charging station

  • Scratch supported (as well as a more advanced programming language at a later point)

  • Open Source with the ability for future expansion.

Does anyone know of a robotics kit that fits the bill?

Thanks in advance.

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