Need help with a problem learning inverse kinematics with an EEZYbotARM mk1

I have 3D printed the EEZYbotARM mk1 and Im trying to program it and learn inverse kinematics in the process but I have hit a stubleming block.

So far using this tutorial on youtube I’ve managed to follow it and program it, up untill I’ve reached the point of struggling to work out THETA 3’s (up and down arm) TRUE angle RELITIVE TO the first (forward and backward) section and not the servos angle.

I’m struggling because the servo is not actually on the pivot point and instead has a leaver system to control that (up and down) section. And I have no clue how to calculate the correct angle due to this.

I hope this makes sense, evermore I hope one of you can help, thanks in advance 🙂

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