Question about Carbon Tape

So, I was really impressed with this article when I first saw it, I think it was here. McKibben style muscles were made with it, and I thought that was cool. I remember someone saying something about how carbon tape could be used as tendons or ligaments or something and could heat the material up, causing it to expand. I asked if it were possible to make the braided sleeve out of the carbon fiber. That way, current could go through it, heating up the expanding material within, and cause the muscle to contract. Someone responded that carbon would work for that because the carbon tape had no stretch at all. But I’ve recently found that for the McKibben style muscles to work, the braided material can’t stretch. It relies on the braid to change the shape of the material so that it contracts. In this situation, it seems like carbon tape is a great material for the braided sleeve, because it doesn’t stretch.

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