Looking for zero/low backlash gearbox that’s not $1k+, am I on a fool’s errand?

As title states, I am looking for a gearbox with as little backlash as I can find, but I need the price to be like under $100… well under if possible. This is for a consumer grade product and while minimizing backlash is the goal, it doesn’t need to be exactly 0. Maybe up to 1 arcmin would be acceptable.

General things I’m looking for:

  • Holding Torque around 3-5nm
  • Repeated Torque around 8-10nm
  • Reduction ratio pretty flexible, but maybe in the 10-100:1 range
  • Relatively lightweight

Other than that, I’m really pretty open to design/materials. Willing to get creative as well.

So far I’ve found:

  • Harmonic Drive Strain Wave – seems pretty high end/even more precise than I need. And used models are $200+.
  • Igus “drygear” Strain Wave – so far the most promising, but they’re still in development and might come in a little too low on torque numbers
  • IM Systems Archimedes Drive – In development, but was quoted ~$3k for a single unit
  • Genesis Robotics Reflex Gear – Still in development.

Anybody got any other ideas? Any 3d printing shops out there that can do a strain wave at reasonable scale (100s of units)?

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