Where to find tiny scissor lift hardware?

I need some help finding hardware for a project. I want to build a tiny “lift” similar to a scissor lift or the mounts they put TVs on. It needs to fit inside a box that is about 5x5x2 in and lift about 1/4 lb to a height of about 8 in above the table and extending a couple of inches outside the edges of the box (think of it like a tiny TV that comes up out of a tiny coffee table).

I am good with electronics and programming but weak on mechanical skills. Where do I find slidinghinging hardware like this, similar to what is used for fancy kitchen cabinetry, but I need it to be tiny and affordable. I can cut and shape metal somewhat with hand tools but have no welding capability.

My initial attempt won’t be fully automated, the lift will have some electronics mounted on the arm but it’s OK to pull it up manually. So, anyone have pointers to an online hardware catalog?

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