RoboBusiness Direct session to share mobile robot case studies

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Warehouse management at distribution centers, manufacturing sites and fulfillment centers are chartered with increasing the efficiency of their operations while simultaneously reducing costs. To address these conflicting mandates, forward thinking companies have adopted autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to automate the movement of materials and goods within warehouse environments. Example applications include goods-to-persons picking, robot-to-goods picking, follow me picking, material conveyance and more.

While there has been much discussion about autonomous mobile robots for warehouse work, the technology is still in the relatively early stages of adoption. The systems differ on their approaches for common applications, as well as the business and service models employed by the companies offering them. This makes evaluating mobile systems problematic, a situation that is exacerbated by rapid technological innovation.

For many companies considering AMRs, questions remain… are they productive as advertised, are they cost effective, can they be integrated with other automation technology, can they be scaled? In this RoboBusiness Direct round-table session, a series of case studies of AMR installations in warehouse environments will provide answers to these questions (and more).

Date / Time – Thursday, May 6, 2021 – 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT

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Session Speakers

  • Chris Bernard, Product Manager, Intel RealSense
  • Tony Villanova, Senior Solutions Executive, 6 River Systems
  • Jeff Wuendry, Account Manager – Transport Logistics, SICK

There is no charge to attend this RoboBusiness Direct session.

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